Mirador at South Beach
Architectural Modification

Any and all maintenance, repairs, renovations, alterations or architectural changes made to a unit by a unit owner must be submitted and approved by the Board of Directors prior to the beginning of work. All work must be done in a workmanlike manner by a contractor that is licensed and insured. To submit your architectural change request to the board please complete the following form and upload copies of your contractor’s business license, liability insurance and proof of worker’s compensation which name the Condominium Association listed as additionally insured as well as a copy of your contract or proposal. Please note if you are installing a hard surface flooring that requires the use of soundproofing, you must also submit a copy of the spec sheet for the soundproofing to be used as well as a sample of the soundproofing. Soundproofing must meet or exceed an STC rating of 72 or higher.

Any construction debris that may result from your renovation may not be disposed of in the community’s garbage containers and must be removed from the premises by the unit owner. Any violation will result in removal costs being billed to the unit owner and forfeiture of application fee.

All architectural requests will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and all applicants will receive their approval decisions within 7-10 business days of submission. Upon approval notification, the unit owner or contractor will have to provide a refundable security deposit in the amount of $500.00 paid by check or money order. There is an additional non refundable fee of $150 for plumbing work which requires a water line cut off.

Owners are responsible for obtaining permits if required.

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I (We), the applicant(s) herein, certify and represent as follows:

1. I (we) are the legal owner(s) of the above described unit.
2. The work, if approved, will be done promptly and properly by appropriately licensed contractors if necessary.
3. I (we) accept and acknowledge that the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the improvement/change shall solely be mine (ours), successors, assigns and subsequent property owners.
4. All work and the consequences thereof are solely at our risk and expense. We understand and hold the Condominium and the Board of Directors harmless on account of any consequences resulting from this approval, if granted.
5. Certain changes may affect the site plan, final survey or Certificate of Occupancy at my (our) unit and the Consequences thereof are solely at my (our) risk.
6. No representation by the Condominium or the Board, either expressed or implied, is assumed hereby.
I have read and agree to all of the conditions listed above, and I agree to abide by the decisions of the architectural committee:*
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